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Dawn - series

I watched the sun come up, in a fit of mind chatter sleep, birds chasing insects on the palm leaves, insects buzzing around flowers, I listened to the cicadas start their song, the driven ones, screeching, delighted in the warmth of the day and cumulus clouds hover in the background, forming mushrooms, gently morphing in the sky.

I love nature. It fascinates me.  Life fascinates me.  How beautiful it is in its mastery, how it all forms together to create moments in time – just for us.

Dawn is a series of works inspired by a vision of nature spilling out through geometric shapes.   Nature is seemingly chaotic, however if you sit and watch closely, you will notice patterns emerging. 

Symbolically dawn refers to rebirth, each day we are given a chance to start again.  In my work, images of dawn are contained within a symbol, the sacred circle or triangle (facing downwards – feminine, facing upwards - masculine,) referencing the idea of control, the desire to control nature in all its respects. 


As nature breaks free from the symbol, it spills out into the black void, showing that there is no edge, there is no control and nature is beautiful.

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