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Hello I’m Susan: photographic artist, visionary and traveller.

Being human is not easy.  We come into this existence with high expectations, filled with awe and wonder of this world, the physicality of it, being able to touch, feel and experience life on this blue planet.

It can be a smooth ride for some, but for others, adjusting to their suits is a difficult task. For me, I have spent this lifetime challenging myself and shaping what it means to be human.

This unique perception on life inspires my visions.  Bringing these visions to life using photography and digital illustration, the intention is to make you feel the possibilities of other worlds, timelines and dimensions.  

Originally focused on project management career, I have always been interested in the human existence, travelled the globe and experienced different cultures.  This has led me to a creative role with art, websites and vision building.

Educated at RMIT (Melbourne, Australia), and University of London Arts (England), with Bachelor of Arts (Media Art) and Masters in Digital Art.

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